Education International Foundation (EdIF) is a registered not for profit trust.

Objectives of EdIF:

  • To establish, promote and manage schools, colleges or other bodies or institutions of all description including, professional and technical institutions and establish research and training centers or schools and vocational institutes and social service centers, Training centers and allied educational institutions.
  • To establish social, cultural and Arts institutions.
  • To establish and run hostels, boarding houses or other facilities for the students.
  • To issue scholarships and finance education of poor, needy or deserving students.
  • To organize and provide facilities for educational conferences, seminars, study centers, lectures, exhibitions and that like;
  • To establish, manage and run laboratories or workshops to enable students to get practical training while studying.
  • To open libraries, education centers, reading rooms, and evening classes for the education of students and of artisans fitters, turners and other skills and semi skilled workers.
  • To publish books, magazines, periodicals or other literature.
  • To give, provide and / or render help in cash or kind to poor, disabled, unemployed or destitute people, widows etc.
  • To set-up, maintain, assist, finance, support and or aid in setting up and or run orphanages for the poor, home for the aged or other establishments for relief or help to the poor, old and infirm people or destitute.
  • To advance any other objects of general public utility.
  • To confer titles on eminent personality in the field of science, education, politics, social service, literature etc.
  • To acquire and maintain the movable and immovable properties for achieving the said objectives.